Top five ways to fight fatigue

Top five ways to fight fatigue from the H2U Blog. Start by taking care of the basics: Get enough rest, hydrate and eat right.

Top five ways to fight fatigue...start by taking care of the basics: Get enough rest, hydrate and eat right.

If you’re having trouble dragging yourself off the couch, maybe you need more than a little sunshine to help you get moving. Feeling tired is commonplace for busy people, but there are ways to overcome run-of-the-mill fatigue.

Start by taking care of the basics: Get enough rest, hydrate and eat right.

Then try some of these energy boosters:

  1. Walking can be physically and mentally uplifting. A study at the University of Georgia found that tired but healthy people who did 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise three days a week increased energy levels by 20 percent and reduced fatigue by 65 percent.
  2. Iron wards off anemia, which can cause you to feel unusually tuckered out. Anemia occurs when the red blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen to tissues and cells. Taking an iron supplement and eating iron- rich foods like lean meat and beans may prevent anemia-related fatigue.
  3. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that release their energy slowly, so you don’t feel the surge-and-crash effect of caffeine or sugar. If your energy begins to drop around midday, grab a handful of whole-grain crackers instead of candy, chips or a café mocha.
  4. Aromatherapy may ease some of the daily stress that triggers fatigue. Essential oils like geranium, cedarwood and lavender can promote relaxation and spur energy. If you have an energy-sapping commute, try a car air freshener scented with peppermint or cinnamon, which research suggests can promote alertness and relieve frustration.
  5. Saying no is hard to do, but it may be the best solution of all. While the world tries to convince us that being busy is a sign of success, your body may beg to differ. To recharge, let go of some commitments in order to rest or relax with friends and loved ones.

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